Campus Kitchens Emory (CKE) is Emory’s first and only food recovery program. Created and led by students, CKE collects the leftover food that is normally thrown away in Dining Halls and from catered and student events. We then turn this food into delicious and nutritious meals that are served to local food pantries and shelters. In doing so, we tackle our 3 major goals:

1) Reduce Food Waste

2) Fight Hunger

3) Provide More Nutritious Options for Food Insecure Individuals

We at CKE believe that 40% food wasted in a country where 1 in 6 don’t know where their next meal is coming from is ABSURD. That’s why we not only love what we do, but we know the good it does. Please feel free to browse our website and reach out to us if you’d like to get involved! We can’t wait to hear from you.


The CKE Team