“This inspiring group of students has taken seriously the real issue of food insecurity for the women and men with whom they share this city and have organized themselves to make sure that the abundance of food that they receive as the students at a prestigious private institution does not go to waste. Instead, this food is creatively re-purposed and shared with those who lack some of life’s most fundamental necessities, such as the women and men in our community who must confront the reality of homelessness daily. I know all too well how easy it is to insulate oneself on a contemporary campus, surrounded by friends and social activities, as well as stimulating intellectual and academic pursuits. It would be easy to simply focus upon a career path. The students at Campus Kitchens at Emory University have chosen what I believe to be a better path: they have chosen to do what is within their power and the reach of their advocacy in order to find a more just way to distribute the resources of our community for some of the immediate needs of the larger human family. Let me tell you little bit about our organization and how Campus Kitchens helps us. We are a local grassroots church community with the vision of working together to foster cooperative and mutual relationships that transcend racial, economic, and gender distinctions–struggling in the trenches for a kind of humanity where we all live together in peace as sisters and brothers with justice and mercy. It is not an easy task. Sometimes we lose sight of our goals in the midst of daily activities and sometimes many of those that we invite to participate are justifiably more concerned with immediate needs then grand visions. But on the whole, we make it work, day to day and hand in hand. But we could not do what we do without partners whose goal is to do what they can to collaborate with us. As perhaps you are aware, food is easy to come by–if by food you mean varieties of unhealthy breads and loads of sweets that come to us in every kind and flavor. Real food–the kind that is nutritious and helps to live longer and healthier lives–is very hard for us to access. Thankfully, one of the solutions that we have found is Campus Kitchens at Emory. They bring us a variety of healthier and more nutritious alternatives to provide for our community on a weekly basis. Our community members are grateful for two things: both the new and fresher kinds of food options that we can provide and the presence of students who go out of their way to show that they care.” – Mercy Community Church


“At Journey, we have been able to serve good, nutritious meals from the Campus Kitchens team when we had vacancy on our dinner calendar… The men at Journey are being exposed to some new, nutritious foods.” – Journey Mens Shelter


“It has truly been a blessing to receive food from [Campus Kitchens]! It is even more of a blessing for you to be able to drop it off at the perfect times! You are always welcome to stay and meet our population if you ever have time. We are all very grateful and is always in need of your kind donations! Thank you again.” – Grace United Methodist Church